Saturn Storm Mashup


What up music fans, so I am well aware it may not be Monday, but hey, I have always been one to break tradition, so I thought I would give you a mid week pick me up with another mashup! I’ve been working on this mashup for quite some time and although it took me a while to finally complete it, it was well worth to wait so I could find the absolutely perfect mashup of different songs for your listening enjoyment.  This mashup also is a lot different from the other ones I have been releasing.  While I do love the fat bass, I thought I would take you guys out of this world with this one, using lots of build ups and songs, such as “Saturn” by Kill The Noise, Brillz, and Minxx which will literally make you think you’ve entered a new planet with the crazy effects used.  So sit back and enter a dreamland with this one, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I loved making it and remember keep dancing and listening ! Thanks for checking out this special edition of Monday Mashup and be ready for much more great music to come ! 

Boing Clash Crack


Hey guys, another Monday is upon us, which means another Mashup Monday! This week, the love for Dada Life keeps going strong.  Last week, with my release of Welcome to the Jungle Motherfucker, using components from Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker, I decided it was not enough to make just one mashup from their most recent album, “The Rules of Dada.”  With this week’s mashup, be ready for “Boing Clash Boom”, the remix by Pierce Fulton, combined with “Crackin” by the Bassjackers.   Prepare for an earful of beautiful noise, because there is never such a thing as too much DADA.  As an extra goodie with this week’s mashup release, I also released on my soundcloud my “Hybrid Mix,” which I entered in a contest to open for DJ R3HAB at Governor’s Island in New York City.  Fingers crossed I make it and can take my skills to the Big Apple! Thanks for listening and always remember, FEED THE DADA.  

Welcome to the Jungle Motherfucker


Hey guys hope everyone had a great 4th of July from what you can remember of it. The foam party hosted by New England EDM was epic! Great music and lots of playing and dancing in the foam, but just because it was a holiday doesn’t mean I would disappoint my fans and delay Mashup Monday! This week’s release may be one of my favorites the epic motherfucker has entered the jungle. When Lil Jon yells at you fucking party, At the drop “Welcome To The Jungle Bitch” prepare to rage. I’d like to think of this as Dada Land moves to the jungle. I played this for the first time at the foam party and people went absolutely insane at the drop. I hope you listeners get the same feeling when you hear this. GO BANANAS! Thanks for the love and prepare for yet another Monday Mashup!


Hybrid Vigor- LRAD POWER

What’s going on music listeners, like I promised in my previous newsletter from last week, this summer is going to be filled with mashups! I’ve declared these next mondays, the unofficial holidays of “Mashup Monday.”  This week’s release, titled LRAD POWER, has a lot of booming power (great for shuffling and fist pumping), taken from the song LRAD by the powerhouse Knife Party, mashed in with some great remixes of this song by Candyland and CRNKN, along with Power Glove also by Knife Party, Ah Yeah by Will Sparks, and Duckface by the Bassjackers and Kenneth G.  Even with the collaboration of the same song in three different remixes your ears will not get bored, trust me this is one you’ll be listening to on repeat! I’m hoping to get the crowd going in a few days when I will be performing at a massive foam party for Independence day hosted by New England EDM! If you are in the Cape Cod area that night stop by there will be a BBQ as well as some crazy music by the beach and cool down with some foam!! Stay tuned for another Mashup Monday and have a safe and music filled holiday! 

I Need Your Voice Mashup

Hybrid Vigor- I Need Your Voice Mashup

Whaddup fans, with the heat and humidity and losing track of hours and days, I’ve reallybeen fully dedicating myself to the music.  Lately, my music releases have been mostly mixes, but I’m adding the variety and bringing back the mashups.  ”I Need Your Voice” consists of mix and match of “I Need Your Love,” the newly popular song by Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding, along with the anthem “A Million Voices,” by DJ Otto Knows, and also RUNNING DA TRAP in this with the DJ R3HAB.  This is one of my first mashups in a while and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did creating it !! P.S. Prepare for an explosion of mashups soon to come !

Big Room Boom Mix

Hybrid Vigor – Big Room Boom Mix

Whaddup music listeners, now that summer is in full swing, it’s the perfect time for some new mix ! Put away the winter blues and warm up with my new “big room boom” mix.  This slightly over one hour mix includes a mix of Electro house and trap music, specifically the festival trap music superstars like Clark Kent and Kennedy Jones play.  I’m pumped that I can finally mix my two favorite genres of EDM to create a dirty tracklist! Don’t be scared of the boom, the drops without a doubt are crowding this room.  Enjoy some hardcore shuffling and jumping at the beach to this hot mix !

Sound Wall Mix

Sound Wall Mix – Hybrid Vigor

What’s going on music people, so currently I’m working on a new project with a friend of mine “Gearhead”. We are collaborating on a bunch of Mash-Ups mostly electro based not the top 40 mashups that everyone is so used to, keep your eyes peeled because I’m making moves and it’s about to be huge. I still try to make time for mixes though and this time I’m going back to some dirty Dubstep. I heard the song “Splinter” by “TheFatRat” which is probably one of the fattest fullest dirtiest song I’ve ever heard and I just had to make a mix dedicated to these types of songs. “Sound Wall Mix” is what I came up with so blow out your speakers and Womp out to all this filth, enjoy!

Trapzilla Mix

Trapzilla Mix – Hybrid Vigor

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since my last post but I have something amazing for you that will blow you away. So I’ve been really getting into trap music, I’m sure many of you have heard it before anyways I decided to make another trap mix! Turn up your bass and prepare to TWERK this one is filthy! I’ve only added my favorite new releases with the bass maxed out I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. Play this Mix while you’re raging and I know your friends will say “Dam Son, Where’d You Find This?” Thanks for listening and keep posted for more goodies!

WTF is a Bootleg

Arrive Beautiful Leave Satisfied (Hybrid Vigor Bootleg) – Dada Life

This week I’m bringing you a bootleg of mine of one of my favorite artist duos Dada Life! If any of you know me I’ve been following Dada Life from day 1, they are by far my favorite Swedish groups. They bring the intense energy to a concert that I love along with the wild and cheeky antics that everyone can relate to. I don’t know what it is about the whole banana and champagne thing but as you can see it is a lethal combo.  They recently released a new album “The Rules of Dada” which is extremely incredible and a must have but I found one song lacking. I sprinkled in some vocals and effects and gave it that something that it needed, anyways enjoy.

Electro House Is The Best

Hybrid Vigor – Electro Hau5 Mix!!!

This year I’ll be sticking to my New Year’s resolution, by giving all of you new music on a consistent basis. Quality is going to be my number one priority so I may not get to you guys every week but when I do it’ll be amazazing. You may or may not know that Electro House is my SHIT so I had such a great time creating this mix. I hope some of the fun and passion came through, literally head bobbing and shuffling while making it. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did, dance your face off! Keep an eye out for more music I’ll be sending to you, I’ve got a lot in store this year.